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LawPro helps firms to work faster, more efficient and ultimatley more profitable.


The LawPro legal software in built around a centralised database which stores all the core information the practice needs to run on a day to day basis. You can maintain the firms contacts via LawPro giving you a full electronic list of clients, matters, law firms, estate agents, building societies. These contact records can be linked with matter records as third parties in the case - other side solicitos, title holder, pension fund provide. This electronic storage of critical data allows the fee earner to seamlesslyt style standard documents to be populated with the name and address details from these contact records and also provides the fee earner with access to the contact details for the matter.





All the information in LawPro can be access from one centralised area so as to speed up access, ammendments opr updates on a client or matter file. The system can speed up even the simplist of proceedure by automatically recognising whether the information you are entering is an email, address or telephone number. Need to re-write this area

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