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Document and Case Management Features


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Microsoft Word

LawPro fully integrates with Microsoft Word to provide an easy to use front office interface where documents and precedents can be created by staff in an environment they are already familiar with and competent in. There is no requirement to open several applications and windows at once. All client and matter data can be created, edited and retrieved in Word, and documents, precedents and other correspondence can be created and stored to appropriate matters with little effort and in no time at all. 

LawPro Intergrated in MS Office
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Client Screen in LawPro
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LawPro ensures immediate access to client information with a wide range of search criteria, memorising previous searches and recent activity. Conflict checks, marketing campaigns and client quotations can be run from one location, accessed via the Microsoft Word ‘Clients’ icon. Emails & text messages are sent directly from a client record and associated matters, securities and mailings are readily accessible.

Client Records

Matter Management

All matter information is accessed via the Microsoft Word ‘Matters’ Icon, which provides a central location of tabs for parties, tasks and dates, documents, notepad, case data, case steps, compliance, client plans, accounts and time ledgers.

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Document Management

Producing a document such as a letter has never been easier thanks to LawPro providing a simple automated process which guides fee earners through precedent selection, the application of company letterheads, placeholder completion, standard text, signatures, save and print options (including tray selections), setting reminders, tasks and review dates, and recording of time spent on the document for billing purposes.

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LawPro includes the facility to generate client quotations swiftly without the need to create a new matter and input data which may ultimately never be progressed. Calculations are automated which means, for example, that by inputting a property value, costs such as stamp duty or search fees are calculated and included for you. Not only is the arithmetic taken care of, but a quotation email is generated ready to be sent to the client, meaning that you can complete quotations during one phone call with a client and progress business development promptly.

Quotation Management Screen in LawPro
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Emails can be saved directly to a LawPro case file from Microsoft Outlook and can be sent to recipients directly from within a matter itself, allowing streamlined navigation, selection of parties and addresses, PDF attachments and quick email delivery all in a few simple steps, without the necessity of opening multiple applications. This also means that the correspondence file for each matter includes all relevant emails as well as documents, forms and attachments.

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Case Steps & Client Plans

LawPro provides firms with case progression workflows that increase productivity, consistency and adherence to deadlines. Case steps provide an effective overview of overdue and completed actions, all specific and relevant to the type of case. LawPro even goes one step further and generates a client plan which records, in an automatically generated Word progress report, those steps that you wish the client to know about. This ensures fee earners can regularly update their clients in no time at all and provides the transparency required by regulatory compliance in today’s legal market.

Case Management in LawPro

Email Integration

 Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments in LawPro

The management of risk is made simple by the generation of a questionnaire that will ask those questions your firm deems important when determining risk. A score will be allocated to the questionnaire depending on the answers selected which in turn will decide the level of risk. Should a high risk assessment be made, then an automatic notification will be sent to the partners to make them aware.

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Document Reviews & Modifications

LawPro enables fee earners to check documentation completed by other staff members on their behalf via an internal email which contains a direct link to the original document itself. This streamlines the process of modifying documents and avoids unnecessary repetition. 

Data Review in LawPro
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