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Mitchells Roberton is a long established Glasgow based law firm that has always placed an emphasis on the importance of IT. When the firm decided to move away from its Axxia practice and case management software it undertook a thorough review of the available options before choosing LawPro.


The firm has around 50 staff all using LawPro extensively. The firm makes use of most of the functionality within LawPro and finds that the integrated nature of the product combined with its intuitive and consistent interface make it very easy to use. The firm uses case management in a number of its departments and created their workflows in-house with minimal training. Document creation and management is used throughout the practice and allows everyone very easy access to both incoming and outgoing file correspondence.


The records management feature in LawPro assists in keeping track of the very large number of wills and other client records that the firm holds. They are the only practice to make use of the integrated purchase ledger facility in LawPro to manage supplier payments. Managing Partner, Morag Inglis makes great use of the extensive reporting capability in LawPro to keep track of all aspects of the firm’s performance. Commenting, Morag Inglis said "we find that having such an accessible and integrated database is a very valuable time saving tool and so there are added incentives for everyone to ensure that accurate information is entered and maintained on the database at all times".




Mitchells Roberton
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