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Investing in a new or replacement software solution can be a daunting prospect. LawPro provides a wealth of experienced professionals to ensure that you can trust in our ability to deliver the promises we commit to.  Our Managing Director brings 30 years of software experience in the legal sector and is a recognised and respected leader in the design, sale and implementation of legal software throughout the UK.

The LawPro Team includes experienced Sales and Marketing Specialists who will gladly engage with you to highlight the benefits of our software in more detail. We have approachable and friendly consultants with in-depth knowledge of the legal market and software development. This means that from the beginning you will be conversing with experts who know best how to guide you to the right solution.

In addition LawPro employs Project Management Professionals with years of experience in planning and implementing structured and coordinated solutions. Their reasoned strategies guarantee successful software installation and integration with minimal disruption to your firm’s daily business.

Our Technical Support and Training Specialists have 20 years of experience working within the software industry, as well as extended backgrounds in cashier roles within large law firms. Therefore our support is second-to-none and always reliable.
Overall the LawPro Team was carefully chosen to provide the best service possible and all members firmly believe in the software they represent, and where it is headed in the future.  

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