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LawPro can provide fee earning staff with all the information about their workload in one place. As soon as you log onto LawPro it will show unread emails, appointments for the day or week and activities or key dates for that that you are dealing with.


Clicking on the e-mail icon lists the un0read emails in your Outlook inbox and lets you view, print, forward or delete just as in Outlook but most importantly allows you to save them direct to a case file with in the LawPro system. Emails can also be sent direcltlyfrom LawPro and saved to a case file meaning that the correspondence file includes all the relevant e-mail correspondence as well as documents / attachments.




Clicking on the calendar icon will list your appointments for today and provide a link to the relevant matter record. Time spent on an event can be recorded from the calendar entry on completion. The calendar screen provides a firm -wide view of appointments for everyone  and can be grouped by type so that all court dates or property dates can be identified specifically.


Court entries will cross refer the matter and the specific court and will identify the hearing type. Property entries will cross refer the property and will primarily be viewing dates but can be for property related activity. Calendar entries can be created from the relevant matter or contact and both past and future appointments can be viewed from the record that they relate to.


Clicking on an item in the list to open the linked matter to check what needs to be done and then update the record.

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