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Isokon Executry 

Designed specifically for Scottish Jurisdiction.

• Fully compliant with the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964.
• Records the full details of the testator, executors and beneficiaries.
• Records and calculates Legal and Prior Rights entitlements for testate and intestate cases.
• Records heritable and moveable assets, and allocates them correctly to the beneficiaries.
• Records location of assets for confirmation.


Distribution Flexibility
• The double entry accounting system gives complete accuracy and control over estate finances.
• Registers, re-values and tracks all assets and liabilities throughout the period of administration.
• Records income payments and processes the payments during administration. Gives complete control over the format of financial statements for the executry.
• Rapidly assesses the estate's net worth and the amount that might eventually become due to residual beneficiaries.


Document Production
• Isokon for Executry mail merge facility automatically combines data with document templates. Template letters can be selected from the library or created from scratch to produce correspondence.
• Scottish form of writs, deeds, bonds of caution, legal rights calculation, discharge and declinature of legal rights, plus many others.

Forms Generation
• Isokon outputs data directly to the Revenue's own PDF tax forms.
• Forms produced by Isokon for Executry include the C1-C2, C5 forms of confirmation, plus the IHT400 (and accompanying schedules), Executry proposal forms, SA900, R185E and many others.
• Investment details can be automatically exported to a CREST stock transfer form where required. 

Address Book
• The Global Address Book allows rapid access to frequently used names and addresses of contacts and organisations.
• Including all Scots sheriff courts and commissary offices reporting.
• Isokon for Executry includes a wealth of reporting options covering all aspects of the estate, including inventories for confirmation. Reports can be easily customised where required.
Scottish Parliament Building. 


Event Management
• Isokon for Executry includes a full set of pre-defined workflows which can quickly and easily be tailored by you.

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