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Most computer users are familiar with Microsoft Office products and feel comfortable using Word

and Outlook. LawPro Legal Office is designed to extend the features of these products and integrate

LawPro Document and Case Management functionality within the Microsoft environment.


Saving e-mails to a matter file or attaching a document to an e-mail from the matter file is simplified

by clicking on the Lawpro Outlook toolbar. Word documents to be attached to your e-mail can be

converted to pdf format at the click of a button. It’s all about ease of use and these functions make

our software and Outlook more intuitive for all operators.


LawPro is one of the UK’s new up and coming legal case management suppliers. Our system is

currently in use by over 140 law firms and has professionals using the system in a number of

different legal disciplines, including:


  • Conveyancing

  • Personal Injury

  • Family

  • Probate

  • Criminal

  • Commercial



Our system is suitable for:
  • Legal firms

  • Alternative Business Structures

  • High Street Practices

  • Scottish Law Firms





Data Storage:

A powerful central database is available through our system which links direct to Microsoft Word for ease of access and speed of delivery. The requirement of flicking between Word and your Case Management system is no longer an issue with LawPro. Everything is controlled and accessed straight from word saving fee earners and support staff hours of time.


Document Production

Fast and effortless document production is available through our dedicated link with Microsoft Word and Office Products. Simple matter search and client retrieval in word means no fee earner or support staff have to stray from one package to another. No more clicking from one application to another is required.


Document Management

All documents are available via a fully searchable, central document library and knowledge / precedent store accessed via Word.   Incoming items can be scanned and stored digitally within the relevant case(s) / file(s).

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