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Time Recording Software


Recording time is made very simple through LawPro by providing links from the matter records and listings to the time entry sheets and clocks. Activities such as telephone calls, meetings, hearings etc can be timed using an on screen clock. If the clock is started from a matter record the matter details are picked up and displayed otherwise you can search for and select the matter. Notes can be made while the clock is running and these will be included in the narrative for the time entry.


Entries captured using the time clock are saved to your daily time sheet where they can be edited before you confirm the time sheet. Timne can also be captured from a calendar entry by updating the details of an appointment or court appearance held in the diary and these will be copied to your time sheet.


Entries can also be made directly to your daily time sheet as you go along, at the end of the day or by your secretary from dictated notes.

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